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Buy a 2 piecer and get an extra free

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Buy a 2 piecer and get an extra free

   Uncategorized   May 18, 2017  7 Comments

Buy a 2 piecer with chips and get 1 piece extra free

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  1. soi says:

    why doesn’t chiken inn trm pick the calls surely

  2. Gitau says:

    The 2 piecer best budget chicken meal anywhre

  3. john odaa says:

    I ordered for some food and included a kiddy meal yesterday at 6:30pm which was delivered by a certain delivery guy called Mark Mageria whom I paid by mpesa transaction MG65DKDM5R at exactly 7:38pm. My problem was that in the kiddy meal an accompanying minute maid juice was part of the price only to discover after the courier guy is gone that it was missing. I called D.A.D langata and they promised to do something about it. I waited and nothing happened. My name is John and I would like you guys to counter check when you are packing the food. The reason as to why am writing is, this is not the first time am having issues. Another time I ordered for completely no spice on the chicken and repeated myself only to be brought very hot peppered chicken yet food was for kids. I was thoroughly disappointed. Kindly ensure to do your best when it comes to deliveries. And please, it’s so simple to do it online. When an offer has expired ensure to remove it from your web page as it get’s confusing. Thank you for the great service, but please bring my minute maid. My baby was asking for it.

    • john odaa says:

      they promised to send somebody on Saturday afternoon and am sure they will.. great food, great service…i luv dat chicken 🙂

  4. Sandra says:

    I love the chicken

  5. Sandra shire says:

    Tamu Sanaa

  6. Mercy kinyua says:

    Chicken in has been my favourite place to feed BT since I went ushago,nmekawia is this offer ya 2 piecer in all chicken inns?like I buy 1 I get 1 extra?nataka kurudi system

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